Industrial-scale penicillin simulation (IndPenSim) is a first principles mathematical model of a Penicillium chrysogenum fermentation. The simulation was developed in Matlab and is freely available to download. The development of the simulation is discussed in full by the paper titled "The development of an industrial-scale fed-batch fermentation simulation" currently available to download here or in the Journal of Biotechnology. A help file detailing the overall structure of the simulation is available to download and is included in the links provided above.

Schematic of the 100,000 L bioreactor used by the simulation »

Industrial-Scale Penicillin Simulation: IndPenSim

  • The simulation was developed using a mechanistic model and validated using historical data collected from an industrial-scale penicillin fermentation process (the batch data is available for download). Each batch was carried out in a 100,000 litre bioreactor using an industrial strain of Penicillium chrysogenum, a schematic of the bioreactor is given above.
  • A summary of the main inputs and outputs from the simulation is displayed below. All the variables highlighted in blue represent the variables that were recorded in the batch records and available for this study. The variables in black are those that were approximated by the simulation.
  • Inputs_outputs

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Project supported by the Engineering Doctorate programme at the Biopharmaceutical Bioprocessing Technology Centre at Newcastle University, in part funded by Perceptive Engineering Limited and affiliated with the University of Manchester.